Nat's WWE Lamingtons Sign

The Natalie Tran LamingtonS sign guy is back! Yes, I have returned! SmackDown will be back in Cleveland and I will be there with the "Nat Made Me LamingtonS" sign again. See it now if you missed it the first time, or see it again! Friday, May 28th, catch SmackDown on TV. I'll be there second row from ringside with the LamingtonS sign.

***BONUS*** I'm taking suggestions for one extra sign I have left. Leave me some witty comments a few words only. I just might make a sign out of your comment and hold it up during SmackDown for the world to see! The deadline for that is Sunday May 23rd.

Friday, May 28, 2010...don't miss SmackDown!

-Background music by Kevin MacLeod
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